Code of Conduct


Please call the school whenever your child is absent or late in the morning and at noon. You can call 24 hours a day to leave a message. Please indicate the length of the absence.
Call 519-797-3241. ext. 100

Breakfast Programme

Our breakfast club is run by many dedicated volunteers and supported by a variety of donations. It is open to all students from 8:45 to 8:55 a.m. There is a wonderful variety of simple, nutritious foods available. Students have an opportunity to have a good start to their day while they use their best manners in a natural social situation.

We would love to have more volunteers. Please contact the school if you are interested in helping.


Classes begin at 9:00 a.m.  If a student arrives late, he or she must sign in at the office before going to class.

Reaching us in the Office

Mrs. Thompson's hours are from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  If you can not reach her, please leave a message. She will check her messages regularly during the day.

Daily Schedule

8:45 - Breakfast Club

8:55 - Bell Rings for Student Entry

9:00 - Announcements

11:00 - 1st Outdoor Recess & Nutrition Break

1:40 - 2nd Outdoor Recess & Nutrition Break

3:20 - Dismissal

Administration of Medication

There are occasions when parents ask the school to give a child medicine. In these situations we must follow Board policy. Please contact the school to complete the required forms. We keep all medicine locked in a safe place and track any use. This includes anything from requests for headache pills to ongoing medical needs.

Responsibilities of parents/guardians;

1. Complete authorization forms.

2. Bring medication to the school.

3. Place in a safe container well labeled with name, dose, and time.
4. Notify school of any change immediately.
5. Inform the teacher as well.

Healthy Environment

Students and staff are encouraged not to use perfumed personal products at school. These include: perfumes, after shave, deodorants, and body soaps.

Nut Allergy Alert - Do not send any food with nuts or traces of nuts.

Parent Visits

Parents must sign in at the office whenever visiting the school. This ensures safety and reduces interruptions to quality learning time. Please do not go directly to the classrooms. The office will help you look after your needs.

If you have any concerns, we are here to help. If you need to speak to a teacher, please make an appointment.

Release of students

If a student needs to leave school early, please do the following:

Send a signed note with the student.

Include the date, time, and reason.

Parents/guardians report to the office to sign out the student.



Entering the school

  • enter the building calmly, in an organized manner

  • be sure your shoes are cleaned off

  • if you are late, sign in at the office

  • report to class promptly

Movement in the Halls

  • teachers will dismiss the classes

  • move calmly on the right hand side

Classroom Behaviour

  • enter promptly and take your seat

  • get prepared for the lesson: have your materials out (papers, books, binders, homework)

  • participate in class activities

  • record any homework


  • get permission from the teacher

  • carry a hall pass

  • one student out of the room at a time


Bus Students

If students are not going home on the bus the office must be informed.
We must have accurate bus lists and track every student before we can dismiss the buses. We need to know that your children are arriving home safely.


Parents picking up children should wait at the sidewalk until the buses leave. This helps us with safety and again tracking that the students are going where and with whom they should.

Lunch Organization

We will continue with both teacher and student supervisors in the primary and junior classes. Students who walk to school may go home for lunch; please return for 11:40 a.m. classes.

Students who ride the bus to school are expected to remain at school for lunch. This is consistent with the safety and transportation policies. Parents must sign a note.

Give the note to the teacher at the morning attendance.

Students who leave without permission, or return late will lose this privilege.


The playground is supervised at 8:40 a.m., at recesses, and lunch break. We ask that children:

Go right into the yard so that the teachers can see them.

Ask permission to get toys that go over the fences.

Play for fun, not roughly or aggressively ( e.g. 2 hand touch for games)Take good care of your own or the school's equipment.Get a pass from the teacher for requests to go inside for a reason.

Do not run in and out of the school.

Do not ever throw stones, pinecones, or snowballs.

Telephone Use

The phone in the office is available for emergency use only. Students should come to school prepared for class with materials, bring permission notes, and have rides arranged if needed.

Internet Use

Parents and students must sign an Internet permission form at the beginning of the school year. Students will be expected to fulfill the conditions described.

Texts, Library Books, and Desks

Students are expected to keep their books and desks in good condition throughout the year. Books need to be returned promptly. We will ask students to replace lost books or pay for repairs.

Personal toys and Equipment

Children should not bring belongings such as trading cards, electronic items or games to school. While these provide entertainment, they may also be targets for theft, disputes over ownership or damage. The school cannot be responsible for them.


The code sets standards for behaviour and creates an atmosphere, which promotes a positive learning

environment for every student. It contains guidelines for every member of the school community- students, staff, parents, bus drivers, volunteers, etc. It applies at school, on the playground, on school buses, and at any school related event. The Code includes the mission statement, values, the vision map, routines, and consequences. It is essential that we all consistently follow this plan.


Each child reaches his or her full potential as a student when the classroom is orderly, positive, and inviting. Ideally, discipline is self directed. When the student cannot do this, the school adults must intervene.

At G. C. Huston School, consequences are intended to help children modify their behaviour. Whenever possible these consequences are related to the offense and are assigned in a manner that preserves student dignity.

All school community members - staff, students, and parents share responsibility for good discipline. The school's role is to build on that self discipline that is taught in the home.


Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Every person has the right to be free from physical and psychological harm.

Every person has the right to an education free from interference in the learning environment.


Our bus routine and travel is defined by the Bluewater District School Board policies and procedures. All bus students will travel to and from school on their assigned bus. This ensures safety for the children. Most buses operate at, or near capacity. Where there are exceptional circumstances, please call the office.

The following rules apply on any school bus trip and daily runs.

Remain seated. The principal will assign seats if student is not following the bus rules.Do not eat or drink on the bus.

Treat all bus property with respect. Students will be asked to pay for any damage to the bus.

Do not use any toys, personal equipment, loud voices that may distract the driver.

Special equipment must have safety guards.

Comply with any directions of the bus monitors. Bus monitors are responsible to the bus driver and the principal.


Bus Monitors

At the beginning of the school year the bus drivers and principal will choose students to help us in this very important role. There will be safety training provided, as a key role is to take control of the bus in case of emergency. In addition, the bus monitor may assist younger children to get on and off the bus under the direction of the driver.

The monitors may remind students of expected behaviour. If there are continuing behaviour concerns the monitor may support the driver or report the concerns to the principal.


Bicycles should always be locked in the bicycle area. Students should not be in this area at any times other than arrival and dismissal. Children must always wear a helmet for safety. At dismissal, students are expected to walk their bikes along the sidewalk to the crossing guard.


Children are welcome to use this method of transportation. We ask that they change into shoes before entering the play area. There is a bench available.

Crossing Guards

We have three crossing guards for our school. They have an important job to stop traffic for the children. These people need to be respected and obeyed. It is important that the students cross at the assigned locations, especially, on Highway 21. We want the children to be safe.

About Academic Success


Students must attend school regularly to be successful. When they are absent or late, they miss important classroom teaching and learning. It is then difficult to catch up or be prepared for tests and assignments. Please have the children speak to the teacher for missed work or papers.


Students who are late arriving disrupt their own and other's learning. Please have your child here on time.


Homework is an essential component of student learning. There is a connection between student success and completion of daily work. Due dates for assignments are important. They teach the children time management and responsibility. These are values they will need throughout their lives. When students complete their work on time, they do not become overwhelmed and then fall further behind.Teachers endeavour to make certain that assignments and test dates are well spaced out. Using the monthly calendar in the planner will provide both the students and parent with information at a glance. It is most helpful to have parents initial this calendar to let the teacher know the assignment dates and details have been noted. This helps avoid later confusion. If you or your child are unsure, call the teacher to clarify.

How parents can help with homework

Sign the planner

Arrange consistent time and place


Check calculations

Help organize notebooks

Ask specific questions about what they have learned

Drill number facts

Play memory games

Listen to your child read

Read to your child

How to help study for tests

Plan a study schedule

Start a week ahead

Make summary notes

Write your own questions

Use memory "tricks"

Use diagrams, charts

Study definitions and names

Have a supply of cards, markers pencils etc.

Assessment and evaluation

Level % Letter

4 - 80-100 - A

3 - 70-79  -  B

2 - 60-69  - C

1 - 50-59  - D

R -  0-50  -  R

Level 3 is the provincial standard. To

achieve Level 4, students must work

independently and exceed the

expectations of the curriculum.

School Awards

Merit Awards

Citizenship Awards

Attendance Awards

Scholastic Effort

Junior, Intermediate Leadership

Art, Music

Academic Awards

Principal's Award

Grade 8 Awards

History Physical Education

Mathematics French

Ojibwe Science

English Art

Geography Optimist Award

Service Improved Student

Valedictorian Level 3 & 4

Music Rotary Academic


Personal goals are worth setting!

As unique individuals, everyone's

goals may be different. It will take time to think and plan what you

need to do to achieve them.


When children are at home:

If there is severe weather in the morning, the bus companies will inform the principal if the buses are running.

If the buses do not run, the following will be announced on the radio between 6:30 and 8:00 a.m.

"No buses running to G.C. Huston today. The school will be open for students who can get there safely. Parents are advised to use caution when deciding whether to send their children."

**NOTE: If buses do not run in the morning, they will not run in the afternoon. When a parent provides the transportation to school when the buses are cancelled, the parent will need to provide transportation home as well. In order to maintain our Safe Arrival programme, we ask that parents check in at the office to let us know the pick-up arrangements.

"School is closed." This announcement will be on the radio between 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. This will happen only in emergencies or severe weather conditions and is decided in consultation with our Superintendent.

When students are at school:

Generally, once the students are at

school, they will remain until 3:10

p.m. If the weather is becoming worse; we may send the buses 5 - 10 minutes early.

The buses may leave late. The children will be kept at school for safety. The operators and school officials will decide after consultation with the Road Officials and the Board Office. There will be an announcement on the radio stations to inform families.

If parents come to pick up children, the school will not release children from other families unless there is a clear written request.

In severe weather, the children will remain at school and we will begin using the billeting information and procedure.

Radio Stations

CFOS 105.6

CKNX 101.7

98 The Beach


About Student progress

Report Cards:

Progress Report - Nov. 15, 2019
Term  1 Report  - Feb. 21, 2020
Term  2 Report  - June 24, 2020

            It is important for all of us to communicate regularly about student progress. Both teachers and parents should feel comfortable sending notes, making a call, and setting appointments. If parents have a concern, we certainly want to help. Please contact the person directly involved first. Then, if the situation is not resolved, contact the principal.

Another idea:

With many families having computers and e-mail capabilities, it may be helpful for the school and parents to communicate this way. If you are interested, please speak to the teachers or principal.

About student behaviour problems

For classroom concerns the teachers will contact the parents either by phone or paper. When there is a larger or ongoing concern, the teacher or parent may request a meeting to resolve the issue. Support personnel may also be invited, on request.

Reaching us at the end of the day.

The teachers frequently meet after dismissal. Please leave a message if you are unable to reach us.


The school newsletter will be sent home during the first week of the month. It will contain information about the school programmes, news for parents, school council updates, helpful hints etc.

Classroom newsletters will be sent home with teachers monthly or parents can check the updates on each teacher's webpage.

From time to time there may be other school newsletters or classroom letters. We will encourage all children to get this information home to you promptly. There will be draws for the monthly pizza winners from those returned tear offs.


Do what adults ask you.

Be where you are supposed to be.

Be in attendance, on time and prepared for learning.

Be honest.

Respect school property and the property of others.

Keep your hands, feet, and hurtful words to yourself.

Follow all school rules.


Leave gum and candy at home.

Remove your hat when entering the school.

Leave stones, sticks and snow on the ground.

Be a good citizen.

Respect all property.

Remain on the school grounds at all times unless you have permission to leave.

Leave cell phones and laser pens at home.

We encourage the use of polite language.

We pick up our litter in the school, on the yard and/or buses.We keep our hands down, feet on the ground and hurt nobody.

School Trip Refunds

Teachers plan school trips very carefully to fit with curriculum and learning. They determine the costs based on initial planning numbers. When children or families change their mind, this increases the cost of the trip. The school must then make up the difference. We cannot continue to do this. Therefore, we will not be able to refund monies that are paid.




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