Code of Conduct



The code sets standards for behaviour and creates an atmosphere, which promotes a positive learning environment for every student. It contains guidelines for every member of the school community- students, staff, parents, bus drivers, volunteers, etc. It applies at school, on the playground, on school buses, and at any school related event. The Code includes the mission statement, values, the vision map, routines, and consequences. It is essential that we all consistently follow this plan.



Each child reaches his or her full potential as a student when the classroom is orderly, positive, and inviting. Ideally, discipline is self-directed. When the student cannot do this, the school adults must intervene.

At G. C. Huston School, consequences are intended to help children modify their behaviour. Whenever possible these consequences are related to the offense and are assigned in a manner that preserves student dignity.

All school community members - staff, students, and parents share responsibility for good discipline. The school's role is to build on the self-discipline that is taught in the home.



Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Every person has the right to be free from physical and psychological harm.

Every person has the right to an education free from interference in the learning environment.





Entering the school

  • enter the building calmly, in an organized manner

  • be sure your shoes are cleaned off

  • if you are late, sign in at the office

  • report to class promptly


Movement in the Halls

  • teachers will dismiss the classes

  • move calmly on the right hand side


Classroom Behaviour

  • enter promptly and take your seat

  • get prepared for the lesson: have your materials out (papers, books, binders, homework)

  • participate in class activities

  • record any homework



  • get permission from the teacher

  • one student out of the room at a time



  • Ask permission to get toys that go over the fences.

  • Play for fun, not roughly or aggressively (e.g. 2 hand touch for games)Take good care of your own or the school's equipment.

  • Do not run in and out of the school.

  • Do not throw stones, pinecones, or snowballs.


Healthy Environment

  • Students and staff are encouraged not to use perfumed personal products at school. These include: perfumes, after shave, deodorants, and body soaps.


Nut Allergy Alert - Do not send any food with nuts or traces of nuts.





The following rules apply on any school bus trip and daily runs.

  • Remain seated. The principal will assign seats if student is not following the bus rules.

  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.

  • Treat all bus property with respect. Students will be asked to pay for any damage to the bus.

  • Do not use any toys, personal equipment, loud voices that may distract the driver.       


Riding the school bus is a privilege. Inappropriate behaviour may result in the suspension of this privilege.                       



Bicycles should always be locked in the bicycle area. Students should not be in this area at any times other than arrival and dismissal. Children must always wear a helmet for safety. At dismissal, students are expected to walk their bikes along the sidewalk to the crossing guard.



Children are welcome to use this method of transportation to and from school. We ask that they change into shoes before entering the play area.






Students must attend school regularly to be successful. When they are absent or late, they miss important classroom teaching and learning. It is then difficult to catch up or be prepared for tests and assignments. Please have the children speak to the teacher for missed work or papers.



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